Explore our tropical paradise

Costa Rica is a true tropical paradise, the beautiful scenery plays host to one of the most bio diverse countries on the planet and there is far more to this place than miles of perfect waves! Many people just want to relax by the pool whilst on holiday but if you want to get out and experience a bit more of Costa Rica then here are some of the amazing experiences on offer.

Hermosa Beach Day

Hermosa beach truly lives up to it’s name (beautiful) and is the ideal place to enjoy a tropical day at the seaside. We take everything that you need for a day on the beach- hammocks, surfboards, fishing gear, bbq and all the rest. We get down the beach early and set up your camp ready for a bbq’d breakfast before spending the day relaxing, surfing or whatever you feel like. In the afternoon we bbq a few tasty snacks and sink a beer or 2 as the sun goes down. The perfect day.

Fishing Trip

Try your hand at taking on some of Costa Rica’s game fish such as yellow fin tuna, or Mahi Mahi whilst keeping an eye out for wild life such as dolphins, turtles, devil rays and if you are really luck a humpback whale. Once back on dry land we will take care of the catch and cook you up a fantastic seafood dinner!

Canopy Tour

Spend an afternoon soaring between the trees on these super fun, super safe, zip lines trying to spot many of the countries fantastic wildlife species

Horse Tour

Choose between either a ride along the white sand beaches of the area or take a trek up into the hills for some stunning sea views of the whole area.

Montezuma Quad Bike Tour

Quad bikes are a really easy and great fun way to get around and are perfect for heading across the peninsula to check out the Montezuma Waterfalls. After taking a splash in the waterfalls it is just a short ride to the Rainsong Animal Sanctuary where a whole host of animals are on display.