Food at The Green Rooms

Here at The Green Rooms we love our food and our passionate about all aspects of what we eat and drink from blending the perfect cocktail to making the healthiest raw vegan dish and everything in between. For many of our guests the moment that the daily special goes up on the board is one of the highlights of the day. We create a whole range of feasts from the freshest, tastiest ingredients we can find to be enjoyed in the evening around our 18 seat table.

Russell and Dave are always on hand to offer advice and information on all aspects of cooking and nutrition and for a small fee can provide cooking lessons. If you have ever wanted to learn how to cook your favorite dish or maybe bake a loaf of bread or two please just ask!

We offer a very personal service so we can cater to virtually any tastes or dietary requirements. Vegetarians and vegans definitely welcome!

There is also a huge selection of great restaurants in town and we have plenty to recommend. Or if Russ and Dave have a night off from the kitchen, see if you can tempt them to take you to some of their local picks.