Our story

Owned, built and run by well traveled Englishman Dave Brown and his nephew Russ, The Green Rooms is a perfect Jungle hideaway just a short walk from some of the most fun and consistent waves in the world. Dave spent 25 years traveling to all corners of the globe and visited many of the most amazing places on the planet and has many tales to tell. In 2004 he found the beautiful surfer outpost of Mal Pais. Nestled halfway down Costa Rica’s Pacific coast on the southern tip of the Nicoya Peninsular, Dave was lured by the stunning scenery, tropical climate and idyllic beaches and decided to stay and begin building his home. Russ grew up surfing in England, studying surf science and coaching and just couldn’t leave the fun beach breaks of Mal Pais. After a couple of years camping in the jungle, and a few trials and tribulations later, The Green Rooms was finally born. Although the town has changed from a sleepy fishing town, home to a few locals, yogis and feral surfers it is now an exciting and eclectic surf town and home to a diverse mix of locals and expats alike. The laid back vibe persists and once here, whether you surf or  not, it is a very hard place to leave.